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We were truly honored and delighted to be part of Dallas Afterschool's Summer Kick Off Training Series, where we had the incredible opportunity to teach game development using Roblox to summer camp instructors

Cozby Library Event - Game Design with Roblox (6/11/2023)

It was truly a pleasure to teach kids game design with Roblox and how they can actually make games and have their friends play instead of being limited to the games other people have made.

Volunteering at the Frontiers of Flight Museum

Nikita Bhasin had the chance to volunteer and help check people in at the Frontiers of Flight Museum!

Cozby Library Event - Modding with Minecraft (6/4/2023)

We enjoyed teaching kids at our free workshop hosted at Coppell Cozby Library how to code and build in Minecraft!

Humorous Speech - Vibha (6/11/2023)

Nikita Bhasin had the opportunity to perform a funny speech as a part of Vibha and help raise funds for kids in India to get education.

Hosting an Online Workshop with UTD - Game Design with Roblox (7/11/2023)

Hosting a free online workshop with UTD was a great opportunity! Nikita Bhasin taught each of the learners (Grades 3rd-8th) the basic steps to make their first roblox game that they can now play with their friends!

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